In Love With a Dog … a Junk Yard Dawg!

07 September, 2010

Axle's Post

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If you keep up with my posts on Tulsa Food you might notice that I have preferences toward a few particular types of food. I think its obvious that I am in love with burgers, more burgers and anything BBQ. The word love may even be an understatement… a better word might be addiction considering I often find myself itching and craving for these types of food. On the flip side I have found myself asking the question, could I ever fall in love with a hot dog? After visiting Junk Yard Dawg last week that answer might soon come to a “YES” and “YES”. After sampling just one of their Dawgs I feel like I have been commissioned to sample not just all of their Dawgs but all that is offered in the Tulsa area.

Junk Yard Dawg

All 3 of us got the Axle’s Silly Philly (The Special That day). This Dawggy meal was a steal at $5.97 it had an all Beef Dawg, Sliced Ribeye, Grilled onions, Boo-Yah Sauce and Mozzarella cheese with chips and a drink. As you can see from the video below this Dawg was a mouth full. With two meats and cheese it was also filling. There was a good balance of smoke and spice and when bitten into it had the perfect “snap” which led straight to the perfectly cooked, juicy meat. The Dawg was perfect with no additional condiments, as a good dawg should be (… I did add a little Tapatio for extra HOT). One thing I would have loved is if that cheese would have been just a little more melted on top of the dawg. I love melted cheese on a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich or on a Burger. If you check out their website you can see that there are plenty of Dawgs to try with melted cheese.

I was lucky to meet up at Junk Yard Dawg with a few friends. One was Spoon from 92.1 the Beatradio Station. Spoon is fairly new to Tulsa and checking out the food scene… so far he had not been disappointed. You can also check him out weeknights around 7 – 10 on 92.1 FM in Tulsa. Or hit the video below to check him out as he downs a Junk Yard Dawg!

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The Junkyard Dawg
6011 South Mingo
Tulsa, OK  74146
918-893-GOOD (4663)
Monday – Saturday
11:00am – 8:00pm

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