Opening Day

19 April, 2010

Axle's Post

Don Rucks, his wife Susie, son D.J. and daughter Traci are owners of THE JUNKYARD DAWG in Tulsa, Oklahoma where they were all born and where Don’s dream really began.

Don’s dream had to be put on hold while raising a family and building a corporate career, however the fire was still burning and the concept kept growing. For over 20 years the entire family constantly discussed their business ideas as it was being birthed in each of their minds. Through those years Don never lost sight of his vision of THE JUNKYARD DAWG and continued to wait for the right time and circumstances to line up.

After more than twenty years of waiting and sharing his dream with the family and anyone else who would listen, in October 2009 he enlisted his wife and adult children to come on board and bring their talents and strengths. Don’s passion was truly contagious and he passed on his enthusiasm for the new restaurant to everyone in the family.

Don established the new company JEMS, LLC of which he named after their four grandchildren; Jordan, Elliott, Miles and Sam. From that day forward JEMS, LLC doing business as THE JUNKYARD DAWG became a reality.

The Rucks family has a multitude of varied experience that they have brought to the business; restaurant & food service ranging from casual to fine dining, in-depth customer satisfaction training, community responsibilty, creative development, interior decorating and marketing.

They believe that even more important than their valuable experience is their strong value system and integrity that they have brought to the creation and operation of THE JUNKYARD DAWG.

Constantly striving for excellence in all areas of the restaurant is their goal:

Excellence in service

Excellence in cleanliness

Excellence in food quality

Excellence in value received for price paid

They expect for every employee to understand and deliver the following standard of excellence:

THE JUNKYARD DAWG will consistently serve great food for a great price in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, while always maintaining the highest level of customer service excellence and commitment to the community.

They want the every customer to take away the following thought from their dining experience:

It simply feels better to do business with the people at THE JUNKYARD DAWG.  It is a relaxing place that matches my lifestyle, where I can get some great food at a great price. They are locally owned, they support my community and their excellent customer service makes me feel like they really do want me to come back again!

THE JUNKYARD DAWG:    “One of a Kind Taste…One of a Kind Place”

Opening Day for THE JUNKYARD DAWG: April 19, 2010

“We have truly been blessed with a very positive response and the most fantastic, loyal customers.  We are enjoying each of you and the smiles on your faces. We are very grateful that you keep coming back to see us and we ask that you please let one of us know if you are ever disappointed with any visit to our restaurant.” 

Thank you, Don, Susie, DJ and Traci

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