TFG’s Junkyard Dawg-gone-o-meter

01 January, 2011

Axle's Post

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TFG’s Junkyard Dawg-gone-o-meter is here to act as a running tally for my mission to try every Dawg on the regular Junkyard Dawg menu.  This is also intended to act as a guide for any of you folks out there planning to go to TJD, so you can be prepared for what Dawg you would like to try.  (that way you won’t be stuck staring up into space at the menu board for 5 minutes while you’re there trying to decide what to order like I always seem to do)  So without further ado…

TFG’s Junkyard Dawg-gone-o-meter:

1.) The Colossal Dawg – “Arrowhead Stadium Favorite” beefy dawg slathered in nacho cheese, mustard and sauerkraut.  There are plenty of other things I would rather do in KC than go to Arrowhead Stadium, but if this is what they eat there, sign me up and get me a room!

2.) The Growler – A Polish Sausage Dawg with a bunch of good stuff on it, including ketchup, mustard, onions, sweet hot relish and shredded cheddar cheese.  After all, very few nationalities do sausage better than the Polish.

3.) The Mojo Inferno – A jalapeno dawg with nacho cheese and a grilled array of tomatoes, onions and jalapenoes.  Hot ‘n Spicy… if you’re a little girl!

4.) The Junkyard Dawg – This 1/4 lb. piece of meat has a whole bunch of junk (huh… I just got it!) on it including but not limited to bacon, grilled onions and cheese.   I’ll have to admit, I wasn’t as crazy about this Dawg as the others I’ve had here, but that’s not a knock on the dawg, just not my personal favorite.


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