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08 July, 2010

Axle's Post

The Tulsa Food Blog gives it’s 2 cents about The Junkyard Dawg! Check it out by clicking here or read it below.

The Junkyard Dawg opened a little while ago and peaked my curiosity immediately.  I’m a massive hot dog (which I will be spelling dawg from now on) lover and am always interested in trying new places that serve them.  Always on the lookout for the perfect dawg.  Well driving home one day I noticed the sign for Junkyard Dawg at 61st and Mingo while I was waiting at the light.  When I got home I immediately looked the place up and found their website which is filled with very tasty images of the different dawgs you can get there.  The website is listed HERE, but be forewarned, you WILL want a hot dawg after going to it.

In addition to the hot dawgs on the menu you can get them anyway you want them.  And there isn’t any hot dawg topping that you can think of that they do not have.  Before I even visited the place I was already telling people I worked with about it and a few of them even visited on their lunch breaks.  They only made me want to try it more when they reported back that although it was busy, they REALLY enjoyed it.  SO I knew I had to try this place.

I didn’t want to, but I had to get my order to go, I didn’t plan it out very well and had to get home to let my dawg, NOT hot dawg, but just a normal breathing dawggie out.  So I reluctantly got my food to go.

When I walked in they weren’t that busy, maybe 10 people max sitting and chatting.  But this was around 5:15pm on a weekday, so I was not surprised.  When I approached the counter I was greeted by a younger man (sorry I did not get his name) and I of course asked what he recommended.  Something I always do at a new place.  It works two-fold for me, one I learn whether or not the person serving me knows what they are selling and two I end up getting something that’s almost always good.

He first went over several different menu items and was very knowledgeable and nice dealing with me.  In the end I went with the classic Junkyard Dawg minus the spicy chow chow.  Normally I shy against removing things from a “classic” but I wasn’t ready for chow chow on mah dawg just yet.  Maybe next time.  I also chose a T-Town Pup, because I LOVE Coneys and wanted to see how their version of it was.

”The Junkyard Dawg” – Original All Beef How Dawg, with Axel’s sauce, red mustard, spicy chow chow, grilled onions, shredded cheddar cheese and BACON! – $2.97.

The inside of the DAWG.

”The T-Town Pup” – Traditional Tulsa Coney Dawg with yellow mustard, diced onions, chili, and shredded cheddar cheese – $1.47.

And what hot dawg vendor/restaurant would be complete if they didn’t make their own chili?  So my final part of the order was a big bowl of House Chili WITH beans (of course, it aint chili without beans), then I had them add shredded cheddar cheese and onions to it as well.  $2.67.

First thing I noticed when taking the first bite was the cheese.  It’s very strong and has a taste that compliments the flavor of the dawg.  The onions and bacon also tasted very fresh, but didn’t overpower the whole ensemble.  Another thing that was unique about this one was the sauces they added, the Red Mustard and Axel Sauce went together very nicely.  They gave it a tiny spicy kick, but it wasn’t so spicy that you can’t taste anything but the spice.  A definite downfall some places have in my opinion, they thing if they make their sauces as spicy as possible nobody will notice the food is sub-par.  NOT the case with Junkyard Dawg, the sauces work very well together and give it that extra kick needed to make an ordinary hot dawg into an extraordinary one.
The little T-Town Pup was perfect as well.  On the level with one you’d get from Coney Islander in my opinion.  Again the cheese just POPPED on it and I’m a big lover of cheese on everything I eat.

Next up was the chili.  Sometimes I’m wary of new chili, they can be extremely hot and spicy and ruin the rest of the meal.  If I have something overly spicy in the beginning of the meal I won’t be able to taste the rest of the food and it ruins the whole experience for me.  So I always leave the things that might be taste bug searing to the end.  The chili was not spicy, but it wasn’t too bland either.  They’ve achieved a perfect balance between the two.  It does have some heat, but not enough to numb the tongue.  On my next visit I’m getting chili on EVERYTHING.  This I decree.

I fully recommend The Junkyard Dawg to anyone wanting a new IT place for dinner or lunchtime.  Now keep in mind I went after work, so it was not busy, but I’m fully confident that even during the rush they’re still going to be serving some good quality food. If anything go just to meet some nice people and help out a local Tulsa business in the process.  Oh and did I mention everything is very reasonably priced?  Very good prices for anyone on a budget.

The Junkyard Dog
6011 South Mingo
Tulsa, OK 74146

Graded on a scale of 1-10(10 being the best)
Atmosphere = 9
Presentation = 10
Taste = 9
Portion Size = 9(only because it was so yummy I wanted MORE!)
Waiter/Cashier =10

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