There’s A New Dawg In Town!

30 April, 2010

Axle's Post

A native Tulsa family plans to provide Northeastern Oklahomans with the kind of food and service that food lovers will come to really appreciate.

On April 19th, the newly formed company JEMS, LLC opened the doors of its first independently owned and operated dine-in or carry-out casual restaurant, THE JUNKYARD DAWG. The new restaurant is serving a variety of premium hot dogs and sausages, but there is much more to it.

You may ask what is so special about hot dogs and sausages. Owner Don Rucks sees it this way, “Quite simply our research findings point out that hot dogs and sausages are Great American Foods and they are woven into the fabric of our country.” Rucks goes on to say, “Oklahomans, especially Tulsans, have been eating Coneys or an occasional sausage for many years. Now, we have simply brought the best all together for customers to really enjoy.”

The restaurants formula for success is grounded on some good old fashioned principles. General Manager and son D.J. Rucks comes into the business with a background that includes the highest level of food service and customer care experience and he expects to deliver on what customers want. The younger Rucks knows what the focus of these old fashioned principles are, “We want every customer to feel good about doing business at THE JUNKYARD DAWG.” He adds, “It‟s a relaxing place where they can get some great food at a great price, we support our community and we will treat them like we really do want them to come back again and again.”

The menu consists of the ‘T’ TOWN PUP traditional Tulsa Coney dawg, THE JUNKYARD DAWG 7” all beef hot dawg, and all your favorite sausage links. Sausages with names like the HOT DIGGITY hot link, the BADA BING 8” Italian sausage, the GROWLER polish sausage, the HOOCH bratwurst, the BIRD DAWG chicken sausage and the MOJO INFERNO jalapeno cheese sausage. Quality dawgs with brands like Nathan’s, Siegi’s, Johnsonville, Tyson, Lovera’s and Mountain View. The restaurant also serves sandwiches like the BAD, BAD LEROY BROWN, a fried bologna with hot link sandwich and the CUBAN DAWGPILE. Rounding out the creative menu is their famous DAWG-HOUSE CHILI which is served in a stainless dog bowl, and more.

Here is the fun part! After you order your favorite dawg you can add plenty of junk from THE JUNKYARD. You can have your dawgs, sausages, sandwiches or chili fixed our way your very own individual way. THE JUNKYARD consists of an assortment of over 40 hot & cold toppings, sauces and spices of which many are their own creations. And, you can add all the extra JUNK for no extra cost. Prices range from a $1.47 for a loaded Coney to only $4.77 for their huge sandwiches.

Daughter Traci Druten utilized her very creative decorating skills to develop the restaurants interior design. Druten explains the restaurants décor this way, “The items we used were very carefully selected as we wanted it to represent something a true junkyard dawg would be proud of yet interesting and fun.” Incredibly, the interior design includes an 8 ft. tall chain link & barbed wire fence. The fencing gives the appearance that you are dining inside a junkyard. The restaurant’s brand includes the design of a bulldog named “AXLE”, and he has given it two thumbs up for authenticity.

The restaurant will be actively involved with animal rescue organizations for pets that need placement in homes along with providing other pertinent animal rescue organization information.

If you want to check out the new restaurant, the hours are 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Saturday. THE JUNKYARD DAWG is located at 6011 So. Mingo, Tulsa, OK 74146.

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