Week 8: The Gnarley Dawg

29 October, 2013

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What’s more American than a big, juicy, calorie-filled hot dog? A big, juicy, calorie-filled hot dog with bacon. And hash browns. And coleslaw. Do you see where I’m going with this?

For the eighth week of our challenge, we stuffed our faces and dazzled our taste buds at a delicious little gem called The Gnarley Dawg. The Gnarley Dawg is located at 61st & Mingo in East Tulsa, right behind The Bros. Houligan. Side note – I think it’s really annoying the way they spell “dawg.” Just throwing that out there. Back on track. The place is just a little sort of hole in the wall in a shopping strip that reeks of grease and lack of a vent hood when you walk in. I’m talking pure Heaven. We were a little worried when we pulled up as there was no one else there. That is typically a bad sign. Not the case here.

I ordered the “Tulsa Dawg.” This hot dog was a good size dog – not one of those puny little baby dogs they give you at other places. It was a big hot dog topped with “Boo-Yah” sauce, gnarley sauce, diced onions and junkyard hash. I couldn’t tell you much about the sauces because they don’t really list the ingredients on the menu. What I do know, however, is that one of the sauces on the dog has horseradish in it and if ya don’t like horseradish you better not order it. I don’t mind horseradish but it’s not in my top ten list of all-time favorite things. The junkyard hash is basically hash browns with onions and sausages. Pretty delish if you ask me. I was still hungry after I ate that dog so we ordered some of their “T-Town Pup” coneys. Those are your traditional coneys with chili, cheese, mustard and onions. I’m used to Coney Islander chili so The Gnarley Dawg chili was a bit different for me but delicious nonetheless. I’m a bit of a coney snob but I was happy with these coneys.

Dr. J ordered the “Oklahoma Slaw Dawg” which is a hot dog topped with typical Mike Johnson favorites – chopped brisket, barbecue sauce and coleslaw. Doesn’t get much more Oklahoma than that. He obviously loved it and I have to admit it was excellent. Who knew you could combine a brisket sammich and a hot dog? Good thinking, Mr. Gnarley Dawg, good thinking. I like your style. The other hot dog he ordered was the “Denver Dawg.” That one was topped with axle sauce, pink heat sauce and mac & cheese. Interesting combination. I’ve topped many hot dogs with many different things but mac & cheese was a new one. And a good one. Yummo!

Here’s the part where all the judgers get out their judging sticks and put on their judging hats. Jett ate a hot dog. I ordered my one year old toddler a hot dog. He liked it. And I didn’t feel bad about it. I even let him dip it in mustard when he wanted to and he was happy as can be. So judge on, judgers!

All in all, The Gnarley Dawg was a success. A delicious success. You guys should all try it! They even offer Groupons every now and then (not that you need one, it’s cheap!). Who doesn’t love a good hot dog?!

Eight weeks down, forty-four to go. Thanks for reading!



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